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Chengdu Tianli Chemical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
specializes in the research and development of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology for gas separation,which saves energy and protects environment. It takes a great improvement on the effective gas recovery(such as H2, CO, N2, C H4), successfully cuts down utility consumption, and even cancels power equipments which are regarded as absolutely necessary in urea decarburization field. Therefore, PSA as a kind of new isolation

technique is not only applied to packaged units of waste gas recycling, but also be applied to many large scale industrial units. which bring a bright developing future to the environmentally friendly PSA technology.

In the PSA gas separation technology field, the company have carried out 26 new technologies in recent years, and applied for 26 national patents and 3 international patents.16 certificates of patent have been granted by State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China, their patent number::ZL011086947、ZL01108691.2、ZL01108692.0、ZL01108693.9、ZL02113672.6、ZL200310104007.X、ZL200410021697.7、ZL200410046596.5、ZL200410046597.X、ZL200410046598.4、ZL200410046599.9、ZL200410046599.9、ZL200610056984.0、ZL200610056985.5、ZL200610056986.X、ZL200610056987.4; 3 international intentional patents application number: PCT/CN2005/000642, PCT/CN2005/000641, PCT/CN2005/000640. These technologies have been widely used to many large scale PSA units, the largest one can deal with feed gas 220,000Nm3/h with the highest pressure 3.4Mpa. The company has been authorized first award of science and technology progress and 13 industry support technologies by China Petroleum and Chemistry Industry Association in 2007, Chengdu Patent Technology Gold Award in 2008.

The company has more than 1000 employees, with registered capital 5 million Yuan, total assets have been up to 260 million Yuan. It‘s wholy-owned subsidiary ----Chengdu Tianli Special Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd., are located at Economic and Technological Development Zone in Chengdu city Sichuan Province with registered capital more than 100.60 million Yuan, covering area more than 66667m2, factory building area 38,000 m2, among of them workshop area 28,000 m2 and office area 10,000 m2.They take a part in filed of development and production of special PSA program control valve and special PSA adsorbent which match the PSA technology for many years. The output of special PSA adsorbent is 45,000 t/a, among of them special PSA silica gel 25,000 t/a, special PSA molecular sieve 10,000 t/a, special PSA lithium molecular sieve 10,000 t/a. The output of special PSA program control valve (DN50~DN600, PN1.0~PN10.0) is 10,000set/a.