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Special silicone

1.Pressure Swing Adsorption silica gel(PSA silica gel): 

PSA silica gel is transparent or translucent, with chemical formula mSiO2. nH2O. chemical stability, non-toxic, tasteless. It is similar with A-type silica gel , but the selective adsorption capacity is better. Primarily characteristic of PSA silica gel is fast adsorption and desorption..
Main application: PSA is a kins of high-tech for gas separation and purification PSA silica gel is mainly used for carbon dioxide recovery, separation and purification, producing CO2 in synthetic ammonia industry, food and beverage processing industry, It can be used for drying, moisture and dehydration and refining of organic products and so on. 

2.Narrow Pore Silica Gel (A Type Silica Gel)

Narrow pore silica gel is mainly used fordrying& purifying air and various industrial gas; instrumentation, electrical appliances, equipment, textiles, food, medicines, container and other types of packaged goods moisture, rust-proof; organic products refined dehydration and air humidity-conditioning and so on. It’s not only used for drying and moisture-proof, but also can be used as catalyst carrier, adsorbent, separation agents, as well as pressure swing adsorption.

3.B-type silica gel 

Structure of B-type silica gel is characterized by specific surface 400-500 m / g, pore diameter 40 - 70 Å, pore volume 0.6-0.75ml / g.
B-type silica gel is a kind of excellent adsorption material which can be used as adsorption desiccant, catalyst carrier, family pet padding  and raw material of fragrant silica gel production. 

4.Coarse pore silica gel (C-type silica gel) 

Caorse pore silica gel is mainly used as catalyst support. It also has been applied in other fields, such as  drug purification and separation in pharmaceutical industry, adsorbing polymer proteinthe in industrial fermentation process, removing organic acids and polymers from insulating oil, industrial gas dehydration and adsorbing harmful elements of water multivalent. The coarse pore silica gel is the basic raw materialof further processed and refined products. Coarse pore silica gel is classified as massive particles, spherical particles and micro-particles. Its structural feature as follows:

Specific surface:300--400㎡/g,
Pore diameter:80--100 Å,
Pore volume:0.75-1.0ml/g。

5.FNG silica gel 

Characters: FNG silica gel’s appearance is white or light gray spherical particles. The product is formed by processing silica gel powder. Except for adsorption performance like normal silica gel, it has some important advantages, such as good water resistance, low rate of recycling broken, and long service life, etc..its dew point can be down to -70 ℃ at room temperature. It is a kind of high-quality absorption material with strong absorption andhigh mechanical strength.
Application: This product is mainly used for air drying in the process of air separation , acetylene adsorption in the production process of liquid air, liquid oxygen,,drying compressed air and various industrial gases. It can be used as the liquid adsorbent and catalyst carrier in the petrochemical industry, electrical industry, brewing and other industrie, as well as drying agent and silica sand in the ordinary silica gel protection layer.


The silica gel produced by our company has low water content and large adsorption capacity for specific gas components, and its performance is superior to similar products in the market.


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