PSA Carbon Monoxide Purification Technology


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PSA Carbon Monoxide Purification Technology

  The national and international traditional PSA carbon monoxide purification technology not only has disadvantages of low recovery, low purity ,large investment and high operation cost etc., Which must use carbon monoxide product to purge the gas in the adsorbent and vacuum pump to gain carbon monoxide product purity which meets the requirement of production, but also can’t replace rectisol process(including cold box). The advanced PSA patent technology of Tianli is applied to Carbon Monoxide Purification unit, and it completely overcomes fore-mentioned disadvantages and can supply high purity carbon monoxide without purge and evacuation. The PSA patent technology have totally replace low temperature methanol washing process(including cold box), and bring a good economic benefits to clients. This technology has been applied in 600,000 t/a acetate unit and 100,000 t/a DMF units which has taken a successfully running. The separation of carbon monoxide and nitrogen can be industrialized by using this technology even though it is so hard to realize admittedly.

  600,000 t/a acetic acid PSA carbon monoxide purification unit of some group. Its operation indexes: feed gas 75,000 Nm3/h, production carbon monoxide purity 98% (V), concentration of hydrogen sulfide and organic sulfur above 25% (V), hydrogen recovery 99.5%(V), and the carbon monoxide loss below 0.5%(V).