Special Program Control Valve


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Special Program Control Valve

  Program control valves are the important parts of PSA unit to complete the process and the key equipments to keep the unit normal and reliable running. So program control valve operation performances and requirements are much higher than the general valve. They should have a good air tightness,can open and close quickly, and withstand the pressure fluctuations and metal fatigue etc. in long-term with frequent actions. Tianli subsidiary company Chengdu Tianli special Hydraulic Equipment Co. is dedicated to development and production of special PSA program control valve special hydraulic and pneumatic drive system, oil cylinder for construction machinery, etc in the long term. Stress of Valve body of the special PSA program control valve with different nominal diameter(DN50~1,200mm) on different nominal pressure(PN0.6~10.0MPa) is analyzed using imported and advanced fatigue stress analysis software by finite element stress analysis method. Valve body adopts angle-ball valve body structure, on the one hand, to strengthen anti-fatigue properties and prolong the service life to 20 years equivalent to the service life cycle of the adsorption column; on the other hand, to reduce the fluid resistance and prolong the service life of seal surface,etc., its pressure loss of resistance is only 1/6 of the national standards stop valve and 1/3 of the national standards angle type valve, that is, the flux of our DN200 angle ball program control valve is equivalent to the DN300 general national standard stop valve’s . That can save process pipeline investment and reduce the number of bend and weld to improve the quality of installation, speed up the progress of the construction and reduce installation cost. At present, the program control valve has been successfully applied to nearly 30 large-scale PSA units whose technology leads the world. It has successfully applied to 12 PSA urea decarburization units to deal with feed gas 120,000~170,000 Nm3/h, and more than 80 other small and medium-sized units. The program control valves of the most frequency action unit have been opened and closed over 1.8 million times without leakage internal and external. After 500 thousand actions, the internal and external seals still meet the requirement of ANSIB16.104, and the unit average runtime without failure is over 3,000 hours. To PSA urea decarburization unit, the requirement of purified gas is carbon dioxide purity less than 0.2%, and carbon dioxide product purity is greater than or equal to 98.5%. So, the internal and external leakage requirement of program control valve for this unit is much higher than other unit (such as PSA hydrogen unit, the general PSA decarburization unit, PSA rich oxygen unit). As a result, program control valve of Tianli can meets the client requirement.

   13,000 m2 Production Building of Special Program Control Valve and Hydraulic System


  Special Program Control Valve Production Equipment—4Φ1,600 Vertical Lathes

  Special Program Control Valve Production Equipment—8 Big Scale Numerical Control Lathes


  Special Program Control Valve Experiment and Test Equipment—100T Drawing-testing Machine and 1T Electronic Drawing-testing Machine