Static to self-cultivation, frugal and Germany to support.

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Static to self-cultivation, frugal and Germany to support.

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2018/07/16 22:53

Diligence and thrift has always been the traditional virtue of our great Chinese nation. Throughout the ages, many classic stories of diligence and thrift have been left behind, such as Song Taizu Zhao Wei, educating children to be simple, against extravagance and waste; and such as Su Shi, one of the "eight in the Tang and Song Dynasties" Always paying attention to frugality, often carefully calculating the good days...

A porridge and a meal, when it is hard to think, as a contemporary young man, the virtue of thrift should be passed down and carried forward, and with the improvement of the living standards of modern people, the richness of material, and the awareness of some people Poor, waste can be seen everywhere, bringing negative energy to society.

As an advocate of “俭时尚”, it is hoped that the younger generation will inherit the traditional consumption habits, not exaggerated, not squandering, not wasting, alleviating the current cost of living for many young people, and economic pressure. At the same time, let everyone give more possibilities to better plan for the future. It also contributes to the general trend of the integrity of the business environment.

There is such a paragraph circulating on the Internet:

Li Ka-shing eats, even two pieces of tomatoes are not wasted;

Wang Yongqing of Formosa Plastics Group, used a towel for 27 years;

Huawei Ren Zhengfei, a presidential suite dozens of people hit the floor;

After Wahaha Zongqing, the annual consumption will not exceed 50,000 yuan;

"World Ship King" Bao Yugang, a white paper used five times;

Geely Li Shufu, rarely wears clothes of more than 500 yuan;

Gree Dong Mingzhu, traveling alone by train...

Someone has to say: The more wealthy people are, the more tricks! In fact, according to this logic, can the rich and the rich become the people who do the world? Speaking of these rich people, they are not unwilling to spend money. It may be a habit to maintain the tradition of hardship and simplicity before starting a business. Although luxury is not a sin, but thrift life is even more glorious.

Savings are not overnight, but a habit. Diligence is not stingy, and saving is not without consumption. The key is not to waste and make the best use of it. The thrifty virtues, such as the rain, enable the poor land to bloom, practice diligence and thrift, and vigorously promote the fine tradition of the Chinese nation's diligence and thrift. We use our actions every day to shoulder the social responsibility of “salvation and waste”. .

Nowadays, with the improvement of material conditions and the gradual improvement of living standards, the phenomenon of extravagance and waste is not uncommon. It is more lavish than lavish, arrogant, and wasteful... The hard work of the predecessors, the fine work style of diligence and saving, gradually We are forgotten by us. Some people even think that it is a "out of breath" saying that it is no longer useful. Thrift, is a kind of spiritual and virtue, reasonable material interests, will make life more enthusiasm and hope, as a new era, new ideas, new journey of the new "young people", but also strive to set an example, let thrift, become An attitude, becoming fashion, is a way of life that should be passed down by us.

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