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In the cold rolling mill in the system with high degree of DC drag automation, due to the good speed regulation performance, the mechanical brake generally only plays the role of the car at the end of the lifting. In the AC drag system, the mechanical brake is also involved in the speed control of the hoist, so the braking force is required to be adjusted over a wide range.
The program-controlled valve is a shut-off valve that is driven by pneumatic or hydraulic means. The valve is connected to the DCS distributed control system or PLC to achieve remote control of the computer program. Widely used in methanol cracking hydrogen production, alcohol drying, vinyl chloride concentration recovery, polysilicon tail gas recovery, nitrogen production, oxygen production, carbon dioxide recovery and other pressure swing adsorption gas separation industry. The program-controlled valve is the key equipment of the pressure swing adsorption device, and is an important component to ensure the smooth completion of the pressure swing adsorption process and the reliable operation of the system. The main processes of pressure swing adsorption include adsorption, pressure equalization, forward displacement, reverse discharge, and flushing. The completion of each step is achieved by opening and closing the process control valve at a certain time. Therefore, the program control valve requires a large number of frequent actions, and the operation requirements and performance are higher than the general general valve.
[Pressing pressure control valve for drying vinyl chloride] Pressure swing adsorption program control valve for drying vinyl chloride
The program control valve must have the following requirements:
 ● The sealing performance is reliable and stable, the valve has a long service life, and there is no leakage even if it is frequently operated and used for a long time.
● The valve flap has the function of preventing fluid erosion and corrosion resistance.
● The opening and closing speed is fast, and the opening and closing time is usually less than 2 seconds.
● Reliable stuffing box seal.
● With position status and remote transmission signal
● The valve can be remotely controlled.
● Easy to maintain.


Special program control valve equipment

Special Program Control Valve Introduction

Special program control valve
Due to the particularity of the pressure swing adsorption device, a large number of program control valves are required to operate frequently. The program control valve is an important component of the process of the pressure swing adsorption device, and is also a key device for the device to achieve normal operation and reliable operation.

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