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FNG silica gel

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FNG silica gel is a white spherical particle. It is a high-efficiency desiccant made by deep processing of silica gel. It has strong adsorption capacity to water vapor. It can reduce the dew point to below -70 °C at normal temperature. It is a strong adsorption and high. High quality adsorbent material with mechanical strength. It is mainly used for dry storage of precision instrument materials, instruments and other items, and dehydration and purification of high-purity gases.


FNG silica gel

FNG silica gel Introduction

Characters: FNG silica gel’s appearance is white or light gray spherical particles. The product is formed by processing silica gel powder. Except for adsorption performance like normal silica gel, it has some important advantages, such as good water resistance, low rate of recycling broken, and long service life, etc..its dew point can be down to -70 ℃ at room temperature. It is a kind of high-quality absorption material with strong absorption andhigh mechanical strength.

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