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PSA Oxygen Technology

Foralongtime,electricityconsumption ofdomesticPSAoxygenproductionunitishigherthantheforeign,evenin93%(V)oxygenenrichedproduction,thepowerconsumptionofPSAoxygenproductionunitishigherthancryogenicunit15
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For a long time, electricity consumption of domestic PSA oxygen production unit is higher than the foreign, even in 93%(V) oxygen enriched production, the power consumption of PSA oxygen production unit is higher than cryogenic unit 15%, and it greatly restricts the application of PSA oxygen technology in industry. Tianli finally develope the world's leading PSA oxygen production technology through continuous testing and research, and has applied for 5 national patents and 2 international patents, 5 national patents application number respectively as: 02113672.6, 200410046596.5, 200410046599.9, 200610056986. X, 200610056987.4; 2 international patents applications number respectively as: PCT/CN2005/000641 and PCT/CN2005/000640, among of which two national patents have been granted, their patent number respectively as: ZL02113672.6 and ZL200410046599.9. compared to foreign technology, 25% operation cost can be saved by using this technology . Compared to cryogenic process in 93%(V) rich oxygen production, its power consumption is lower 30% and its investment is lower 30%; in 99.5%(V) pure oxygen production, its power consumption is lower 20% and its investment is lower 20%.

This is the PSA oxygen unit of a domestic group company.

Its operation indexes:

product oxygen 2,000 Nm3/h, product oxygen purity 85~90% (V).


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PSA Oxygen Technology 

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